What is My Mommy Style Embrace The Mom You Are?

There may not be a single ideal model for motherhood or marriage, but that doesn’t mean we can’t learn from the experiences of other women and incorporate their way into our own lives. This is why I jumped at the chance to talk with Sarah McNeil and othe rgreat moms to understand the philosophy behind My Mommy Style Embrace the mom you are.

The Why: My Mommy Style embrace the mom you are

She took what she was doing to tell you to love yourself more now that you’re a mom and to stop trying to hide your time of style because you have kids. Her suggestions centered on juggling these two responsibilities (making birthday cakes included!) along with everything else that comes with being a parent.

My mommy style embraces the mom you are blog
Be yourself is the key to My mommy style embrace the mom you are philosophy

My mommy style is inspired by my decision to embrace life as a stay-at-home mom after a successful transition as a professional woman. It’s about being comfortable with the choices I’ve made, regardless of whether or not they conform to modern norms of decency. It’s about knowing who I am as a mother and being confident in giving my daughter the tools and opportunities she needs to succeed in whatever she chooses to do with her life.

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What is My Mommy Style?

“My Mommy Style embrace the mom you are” is a guide to improving yourself through the lens of fashion and personal style.

Multiple iterations of “My Mommy Style” can be found on the web. The foundations of My Mommy Style are self-respect and embracing your individual approach to raising children. It is crucial to remember that you do not have to go it alone as a parent. There are other mothers who understand what you’re going through.

My mommy style embraces the mom you are
My mommy style embrace the mom you are website

My Mommy Style is about embracing our unique bodies

I take great pride in my physical self and the motherhood role I play. I hope to serve as a model to those of us who have time letting go of the role that we are inadequate in our assigned roles. We’ve heard the critiques, “you’re not enough,” “you’re not pretty enough,” and “you’re not thin enough,” among others. If you’re one of the many women who sees the beauty in their postpartum body—stretch marks and all—and isn’t embarrassed to show it off, this is for you.

As a mom, it’s easy to become lost in the routine and lose sight of your own identity. Don’t forget, though, that your personal style is what makes you who you are.

Taking care of your mental health means giving your body a break and filling your life with positive influences. Kindness to yourself means recognizing the ways in which motherhood has changed for you after your mom’s arrival and making peace with those modifications.

Be creative with your My Mommy Style look.

Regardless of your child’s age or the stage of life you’re in, it’s crucial to remember the importance of prioritizing your own health and well-being, even when traveling with kids on a plane. But what does this mean, exactly? Meaningful self-care includes regular exercise and the consumption of healthful meals.

If you’ve ever had second thoughts about how you’re bringing up your kids, it’s certainly comforting to know that you have options. The temperament and developmental way of your child should inform your parenting decisions rather than your own personal preferences. Setting a schedule for your child that includes changing their diapers at night and getting a bath first thing in the morning is really crucial.

When dressing up for yourself is too much of a hassle, do it for the sake of your kids instead. If you make an effort, it will be noticed and appreciated. You should ask for help from other moms when you see them at playdates or when you drop your child off at school if running errands makes you want to rip your hair out but the task at hand can’t wait until after nap time. It’s possible you’ll also learn that other moms are happy to repay your kindness when you do them a favor.

Strike a balance with your My Mommy Style

Your personality and parenting philosophy come through in My Mommy Style. It’s a confident way to connect with other mothers and to feel your own uniqueness at the same time. That will make you feel less alone and more in control of your decisions. To rephrase, it lets you raise your kids in the best way possible.

The fashion way is perfect for launching “My Mommy Style Embrace The Mom You Are” Finding the ideal spot between fashion, utility, and balance of wear is crucial. To get started, choose clothes and accessories that are both high-quality and reflective of your individual taste.

My mommy style embraces the mom you are
My mommy style embrace the mom you are

Accessories, such as a bold necklace or a pair of lovely earrings, can transform an ensemble from generic to unique. It’s crucial to equip oneself with stylish and functional footwear and luggage. Try trying a few different goods as part of My mommy style embrace the mom you are until you find the one that serves your needs best.

Never let others decide what you are capable of as My Mommy Style person.

You don’t have to avoid making any mistakes. You need not shoulder the burden of exclusive care. You should not feel pressured to wear on makeup or dress up for work every day. Your infant will still love you regardless of the way of your hair or the orientation of your garment. I can guarantee that they won’t care what’s in your bag or if your lipstick matches your outfit.

All they want is that you show them some love by hugging them, singing to them, and telling them how much they mean to you. Then embrace trying you were a better mom and forget appreciating the fact that you already are one. We lose sight of our own unique identities as a result of our constant efforts to make other people happy. We feel more pressure and discomfort when we let other people’s expectations govern our actions rather than our own.

Why My Mommy Style embrace the mom you are is best for every mom

Since your child and you are both one of a kind and there is no other parent-child way just like yours, you probably don’t put as much stock in the advice of people or try to model your parenting after theirs. Your kid is special and that makes a difference.

Becoming a mother is a large and potentially confident responsibility, but as time passes, you will feel confidence in your abilities, your sense of self, and your role as a mother. Just like the mom in the next seat does things her way, you should do them yours. There is just no comparison; it may take months or even years before you begin to trust your own judgment and instincts.

Among the many other changes that will take, your heart will suddenly be filled to bursting with a love you have never before experienced. My mommy style embrace the mom you are philosophy not only fortifies you, but also gives you a real sense of worth and meaning, and changes the focus of your life.

This picture is the reason behind My mommy style embraces the mom you are philosophy
This picture is the reason behind My mommy style embrace the mom you are philosophy

There is no wrong answer to My Mommy Style.

Since I’ve learned to love and embrace my body for what it is, I’m praying that my daughters will do the same. My height and weight do not indicate that I am small. It’s true to who I am as a person. It took me a while to realize, but ultimately I came to terms with the fact that there is no single “right” way to mother or be a woman.

In the same way that there is no optimal way to raise children, there is also no ideal body type. Maintaining your own health and that of your loved ones should be your top priority. Since you are already doing your absolute best, there’s no need for an apology.

What I’ve seen thus far is more than enough! If you want to make place for the things that matter to you, you can choose to make whatever sacrifices you think are necessary. Try out different hairstyles, makeup looks, and clothing options. In the same way that they make you happy in body and spirit, they will continue to do the same for everyone else.

Final Thoughts

That there isn’t just one best way to raise a kid is fantastic. Mothers should adopt the “my mommy style embrace the mom you are” philosophy because every woman is different and has her own way of raising children.

Each of us has our own unique mother’s style, regardless of whether we regularly attend the workplace or stay at home to care for the kids, or even if we like clothes at all. Wow, that’s incredible!