10 Ways to Enjoy The Travel With Kids On A Plane

Traveling with kids can be exhausting and stressful, but it doesn’t have to be that way! This post will discuss our top 10 best tips on how to travel with kids on an airplane, which will lead to family air travel that is less stressful overall.

Children can distract you and make you angry by asking you a million questions, losing their toys and shoes, and getting lost, hungry, or tired. and the like. But if you do a little bit of planning ahead of time, you may steer clear of most of these terrible situations and have a more enjoyable journey.

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#1. Schedule your flights at the optimal times

The airports and security checkpoints will be less congested, and the queues will be shorter if you travel outside peak hours. This could also mean fewer people on your flight for your kid to bother. Booking early is the first step toward a stress-free flight with your kids. Before booking flights, check whether they suit your kid’s routine.

If you can’t get kids to sit quietly when they’re normally more active, scheduling a flight during nap time is the next best thing. If your flight is in the morning, your kid must get a good night’s sleep the night before. Consider your child’s history of falling asleep on red-eye flights and how well they do in unfamiliar settings. You don’t want kids who are irritated or crying while others attempt to sleep. When making a reservation, request a seat with your kids if possible.

Schedule your flights at the optimal times
Schedule your flights at the optimal times

#2 Take the Direct Route

Keep your flights as direct as possible. We’ve all had to run from one airport terminal to another to catch our next flight. It’s not ideal for bringing along a bunch of kids, all of their stuff, and cranky, weary, or bored kids. Do yourself a favor and book a nonstop flight if possible; if not, consider adding a stopover to your itinerary to break up the journey. For a refresher and a new experience, Singapore Airlines, Emirates, and Qantas all offer fantastic stopover offers.

Taking the Direct Route
Taking the Direct Route

#3 Don’t Overpack Your Bags

Preparing for a flight requires easy access to your belongings. Carry adequate diapers, wipes, new clothes, formula, bottles, dummies, and snacks for the trip, plus a little extra in case of delays. If you’re going somewhere without Wi-Fi, bring your older child’s favorite toys or a device with plenty of shows. Quiet, interactive activities or reading are options.

You’ll have a lot on your mind while you travel: making sure the kids have eaten, rested, and carried their teddy bears and motion sickness pills, having your passports, and entering the country’s essential documents. You don’t want to reach your destination and learn you left something at the airport. So, less luggage to watch for is better.

Dont Overpack Your Bags
Don’t Overpack Your Bags

#4 Get Your kid a Separate Seat On the Plane

Even though children under 2 can usually fly for free if they sit in an adult’s lap, I strongly advise you to reserve a seat for your child. Separate seating for a young or older child is not only the safest option but also allows the whole family more space to stretch out and enjoy the flight. Even more so on a long flight, the spare seat will be much appreciated.

But seriously, do you think it’s a wise plan to bring a baby or toddler that needs to be in your lap on a plane? Snuggling your infant is enjoyable, but not when you’re holed up together for too long. It’s a major hassle to eat when flying. Furthermore, a restless child will not want to sit on your lap for the duration of the flight.

Get Your kid a Separate Seat On the Plane
Get Your kid a Separate Seat On Plane

#5 Layer the Clothes & Avoid Lace-Up Shoes

When flying with a kid, be prepared for extreme temperature changes. Dress your children in loose, comfortable layers, preferably those that do not have buttons, zippers, or anything else that can impede their ability to use the restroom on time. Avoid lacing up your shoes and go for slip-on instead. A further advantage is that passengers can quickly breeze through airport security checks.

Layer the Clothes Avoid Lace Up Shoes
Layer the Clothes. Avoid Lace-Up Shoes

#6 Give Each Child a Carry-On Luggage

Give your children their carry-on luggage to help them prepare for a flight. A backpack is preferable to a rolling case since it may be tucked away under a child’s seat and readily retrieved when necessary. A child wearing a backpack can go freely throughout the airport terminal without holding an adult’s hand.

Let the kids decide which food, games, and other activities to pack in their carry-on luggage. Next, ask your kids if they have trouble using their carry-on bags to the airport.

Give Each Child a Carry On Luggage
Give Each Child a Carry On Luggage

#7 Bring Snacks With You

No kid orders the airline’s hand-carved roast beef sandwich. Even if you avoid being sent to the plane’s back, the front-seat child-free couples will have eaten all the lunches. Vegan Crisps or Cool Ranch-flavored Bugles are likely your only options. Bring food and drink. When everything breaks down, gummy bears may be more helpful than oxygen.

Bring Snacks With You
Bring Snacks With You

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#8 Prepare Yourself For Safety Checks

Items that must be removed for screening should be packed so that they may be quickly accessed. Remember that carrying food items through security will result in additional checks.

Prepare Yourself For Safety Checks
Prepare Yourself For Safety Checks

#9 Get to the Airport Early

One of the best things you can do if you’re flying with kids is to arrive at the airport early.  Before leaving the house, verify your flight’s status, and get to the airport on time.

If you’re taking a local flight, give yourself 2 hours to get to the airport, and if you’re flying internationally, give yourself 3 hours. Remember that you’ll need to accommodate stops for bathroom breaks when traveling with kids.

Get to the Airport Early
Get to the Airport Early

#10 Be ready for Air Pressure

When flying with kids, it is important to explain that the pressure in the cabin may rise and fall, causing their ears to feel blocked or popping. Get bottled water for the kids as soon as you pass through security, so they have something to drink during takeoff and landing. The most uncomfortable times for ear discomfort are at this time.

Easing ear pressure discomfort is as simple as chewing gum, sucking on candy, or even yawning to stimulate swallowing.

Ask your doctor’s permission before traveling with your kid if they recently had a cold or an ear infection. The fluctuation in air pressure inside the cabin could result in discomfort.

Be ready for Air Pressure
Be ready for Air Pressure.

Final Thoughts

It’s true that taking your children on a flight can be a stressful experience, but if you follow our advice in this post, you can easily travel with kids on a plane safely without worries. Hope you enjoyed our article! See you next time! Ciao!

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