About StyleNosh.com

The background

Think about it. You've been at your desk since early afternoon, and now it's time for a break. The stack of papers with “to do” scrawled on them catches your eye. You check your watch and determine that you have at least three more hours till it will draw suspicion if you blow this popsicle stand. Get some rest; you need it. Definitely not a smoke break, as doing so is extremely dangerous. You're not really hungry, so you ignore the snack machine. What can you do that won't break the bank or need you to consume an unhealthy quantity of sugar but will nonetheless keep you entertained (and maybe even useful)? Why don't you snack on some Style Nosh?

The Why?

In an effort to satisfy your appetite for all things fashion and personal lifestyle, I set out to establish Style Nosh and share the benefits of my own lifestyle with you.

Enjoying one's life and making positive changes to one's way of living is what Style Nosh is all about.

In my opinion, one's personal lifestyle is significant since it broadcasts to the world one's internal state of mind. It takes about as much time to put on unattractive clothes as it does to put on something nice, a trusted friend once advised. As a result, I intend to provide methods for increasing your satisfaction with life, which will invariably improve your mood. (Don't just take my words – experience it yourself!)

For business collaborations, I can be reached at info (at) stylenosh (dot) com.