7+Awkward Living Room Layout Ideas 2023

Living rooms are where we hang out the most, so it seems sensible that we would want them to look and feel cozy for both us and our guests. Of course, this is the case when the living room has a standard, plain shape, but this isn’t always the case; for example, if the house is quite ancient, has sloping or otherwise irregular walls, or has a very small footprint.

If your living room has an awkward layout and you’re at a loss on how to arrange the furniture in it, read on. We have a variety of tips for working with irregular layouts as well as our finest guidance and ideas. Even while it may be frustrating to have a living room with an unusual design, you shouldn’t let it get you down. No matter the geometry of your room (whether it is a square, a rectangle, or something else entirely), there is always a more tasteful and efficient method to furnish it!

Theres always a tasteful and effective way to furnish an Awkward living room whether its square rectangular or something different.
There’s always a tasteful and effective way to furnish an Awkward living room whether its square rectangular or something different.

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When Does a Living Room Become ‘Awkward’?

There are a few factors that can make a living room awkward.

  • It might be challenging to arrange furniture comfortably in a living room that is either too small or too long and narrow.
  • Even a spacious living room can be a challenge to decorate and place furniture in if it has awkward architectural features like an alcove or diagonal walls.

Even though your living room is a bit awkward, that doesn’t make it a terrible thing. It still affords a wide range of options for making a welcoming home for loved ones to gather in.

Your awkward living room isnt bad. It offers several alternatives for making a welcoming home for loved ones
Your awkward living room is not bad. It offers several alternatives for making a welcoming home for loved ones

Awkward Living Room Layout Solutions

It is feasible to get a handle on an awkward living room layout because there is always a solution for any design. All you need to do is use some intelligent tips and tricks for interior design to get a stylish environment that works well for you.

#1 Select Furniture that is Easy to Move

The finest furniture for an awkward living room is easily movable furniture. When selecting shelving and furniture, take your time. Select furniture that enhances your home’s architectural features. For instance, if your home has any niches, you can put your belongings in there. However, if your room is small, you may need to choose narrow shelving or have it constructed to select.

Furniture that can serve multiple purposes while still being versatile and compact is recommended, despite the fact that it is easier to organize smaller pieces. A coffee table, which is usually thought of as a necessary piece of furniture in a living room, might not be the best choice if it can’t be moved around the room easily. A cushy ottoman footstool is a wonderful alternative to consider; not only can you put a tray on top of it to keep beverages steady, but you can also use it to store more items or provide additional seating for guests when they come over.

Select Furniture that is Easy to Move
Select Furniture that is Easy to Move

#2 Zoning Out the Sections

Finding the right balance for the several elements that are needed in the living, kitchen, and dining parts of the space can be difficult when you live in an apartment. Zoning out one of the sections is an easy way to solve this problem.

An odd-shaped space might become more functional by being divided into two or three distinct zones. By creating a cozy reading place that is separate from larger conversation or television viewing areas, one can make use of odd corners or lessen the disruption caused by movement around a space. Swivel chairs are very handy in situations like these.

Zoning Out the Sections
Zoning Out the Sections

#3 Move the Couch Away From the Wall

It is okay to move objects away from the walls; you shouldn’t be afraid to do so. Pull the couch away from the wall and put it opposite the TV (if you have one) or a window if your living space doesn’t have many solid walls.

Furniture can be pushed into the room’s center to alter the look of an odd-shaped space, especially if it’s a large room. Creating a border between rooms using carefully selected artwork, books, and boxes displayed on open shelving. Put a console table and a chair behind your couch to create a functional workspace there.

Move the Couch Away From the Wall
Move the Couch Away From the Wall

#4 Choose the Ideal Couch

The couch is everything when it comes to an awkward living room layout. In many homes, the couch is the single largest furniture item, so it’s important to make a good choice for the room as a whole!

If your living room is longer than it is wide, a sectional couch is the greatest side for seating. The L-shaped sectional’s length can be put to good use by running it make as close to the wall as possible; this makes it easy to fit into tight spaces.

If the room is large, think about putting a larger couch in the middle of it with two armchairs for a nice conversation area. Pick a rectangular coffee table that complements the rest of the room’s minimalism and functionality.

Choose the Ideal Couch
Choose the Ideal Couch

#5 Create a Special Focal Point

If you have an awkward living room, you should try to draw people’s attention away from those unpleasant aspects. Choose an interesting accessory to draw attention to the main focus. This focal point could be anything from a stunning piece of old furniture to a breathtaking work of art.

By painting one wall a contrasting color and adorning it with accessories like artwork, photos, or plants, you can make the wall into an eye-catching focal point. Any of these choices will divert attention from the awkward living room layout.

Create a Special Focal Point
Create a Special Focal Point

#6 Reduce the Complexity of the Layout

There is probably a lot going on in an awkward living room even when it’s empty. The architecture and design of an awkward living room speak for themselves, with intriguing alcoves and appealing sloped walls. Taking advantage of a room’s unique characteristics is sometimes the best option.

Given this, it seems that little is more when it comes to interior design. If you have a lot of furniture and artwork hangings in your living space, it might make the room feel cramped and small.

When it comes to vertical space, it is important to keep artwork sparingly and at eye level, to keep shelves and bookshelves free of clutter, and to only install furniture in the room that has a function, such as a couch, coffee table, end tables, shelves, and chairs.

Reduce the Complexity of the Layout
Reduce the Complexity of the Layout

#7 One Such Solution is a Circular Layout

Creating a circular layout of furniture in the living room is another solution to make the most out of a closed area. When designing a space, it is important to focus on making it seem welcoming and cozy, as well as creating a personal touch. If your living room is large enough, you can avoid awkward walls by arranging furniture in the center of the room and using a round coffee table to create the ideal circular space for close chats.

One Such Solution is a Circular Layout
One Such Solution is a Circular Layout

#8 Start From the Centre For Rectangle Awkward Living Room Layout

If your living room is long and rectangular, the center is the greatest place to begin decorating. Having two couches face one other works nicely; they don’t even have to match. With the addition of an armchair that complements one of the couches, the room takes on a polished and fashionable aspect. If your couches are colorful or patterned, a neutral rug will keep as a grounding element in the room. Extra pieces of furniture, such as consoles, can be placed on the perimeter where they can hold decorative accents like lamps and plants.

Start From the Centre For Rectangle Awkward Living Room Layout
Start From the Centre For Rectangle Awkward Living Room Layout

Final Thoughts

The living room has an awkward layout, so where do we even begin? Get the sofa and other heavy items out of the way first. With this information, you can plan where the remaining items will go. The room can serve multiple purposes, so it’s a good idea to split it up into at least two and preferably three distinct zones: a TV-watching area, a reading area, and a chatting area with a couple of comfy chairs. It’s a common misconception that you need to have your furniture pushed up against the walls, but this isn’t always necessary. You shouldn’t be afraid to grab them and push them into the middle of the room.

Common FAQs On Awkward Living Room Layout Ideas

How do I set up an awkward living room?

Here are some ideas to set up an awkward living room:
To begin, think about what kinds of furniture are needed. Consider purchasing furniture that can be tucked into alcoves or a bay window if your room quarters have such an architectural detail. It’s important to take the height and depth of each piece into account so that nothing blocks the room or takes up unnecessary space. Bespoke furniture is the greatest option if you can’t find something that suits you properly off the shelf.

How should furniture be arranged in a small, oddly shaped living room?

The closer your furniture is, the more intimate the space will create. Provide your guests with comfortable seating so they may sit and enjoy the fire or converse with one another. Put a card table in a corner out of the way of the main gathering spot. Mirrors are a great way to make a room look bigger and more open, especially if you have any small, oddly shaped parts. If the space is going to be used for work, it’s important to create sure it’s conducive to productivity without sacrificing comfort. Make sure you have enough table furniture and drawers to store all of your things. Be sure to provide enough, comfortable chairs for resting and taking breaks.

Where do you place the TV in an Awkward Living Room?

You shouldn’t place your TV directly in front of a window since it will get too bright. Put it where everyone in the living room can see it; if that’s not possible on a TV stand, consider putting it on the wall.

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