Everything You Need to Know About Sapp Bros. Travel Center

Sapp Bros. Travel Center is a network of 17 service stations along Interstate 80, from Salt Lake City, Utah, in the west to Clearfield, Pennsylvania, in the east. Sapp Bros. is also an industry-leading petroleum wholesale distributor, stocking a wide variety of products and providing a wide range of services, including but not limited to: refined fuels, lubricants, oil, propane, diesel exhaust fluid, compressed natural gas, kerosene, additives, solvents, and a variety of other related goods and hardware. 

Sapp Bros. works with virtually all major gasoline producers to stock their travel centers and 30+ wholesale locations with the best products and services available.

Everything You Need to Know About Sapp Bros Travel Center
Everything You Need to Know About Sapp Bros Travel Center

History of Sapp Bros. Travel Center

The Sapp brothers put a lot of effort into upholding a perfect reputation at their truckstops from the beginning in order to attract both families and professional drivers. The Sapp Brothers, whose members include Ray, Dean, Lee, and Bill, opened its first location in Omaha, Nebraska, in 1971. However, the idea for the company went back far further in time.

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In the year 1960, the brothers joined their resources and purchased a Ford automobile dealership in the city of Ashland, Nebraska. They bought a GMC truck dealership in downtown Omaha five years later, and in 1966 they bought 52 acres of land near the intersection of I-80 and US Highway 50 in Omaha.

The Sapp brothers saw the financial potential of the nation’s largest super highway three years before its construction and chose to build a truck stop there. By 1978, the company had already expanded to Council Bluffs with the opening of a second truckstop. The number of travel plazas expanded rapidly, and now there are 16 of them in eight U.S. states, mostly along I-80 and I-70 and with a handful of locations in Nebraska.

Sapp Bros. Travel Center is a network of service stations
Sapp Bros. Travel Center is a network of 17 service stations

From 1971 until 2022, A Timeline Of Sapp Bros. Events

construction of the iconic coffee-pot water tower in 1971– The coffeepot water tower, now a well-known symbol across the country, was first built in 1971 to serve the needs of companies located west of the Omaha metropolitan area along Highway 50, where they lacked a connection to the city water and sewage systems.

Council Bluffs’ Sapp Bros. opened in 1978– A brand-new truck stop with a restaurant was constructed. Soon after, a truck wash and servicing center were constructed.

The Sapp Brothers Oil Company was incorporated in 1980– Sapp Brothers Petroleum became a legal entity in the state of Nebraska.

The Year 1982 Marks the Beginning of Sapp Bros. Fremont– The company acquired a truck stop in Fremont, Nebraska, complete with a restaurant and retail space, marking the beginning of a new period of expansion.

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Sapp Bros. Cheyenne Opens in 1983-Western outpost featuring a truck stop, service center, full-service restaurant, and motel by the Sapp Brothers in Cheyenne, Wyoming.

Sapp Bros. Beginning Of Odessa in 1984– The following expansion took place in Odessa, Nebraska, with the purchase and subsequent renovation of an existing building.

A Denver location of Sapp Bros. Opens in 1986– The second location to receive a unit was in the Denver suburb of Commerce City, Colorado. The property was acquired and renovated to house a service center, a full-service restaurant, and an Eagle One truck wash constructed on leased land. Located in a mostly commercial neighborhood.

Sapp Bros. Columbus, Nebraska, opens in 1987– Once a truck stop, this establishment was purchased and renovated. Highway 30 is the location of this establishment. This was a crucial development because of the city of Columbus’s abundance of commercial enterprises, such as meat processing facilities and trucking companies.

Reorganized as Sapp Bros Travel Centres in1988– For a while, Sapp Bros. was known as Sapp Bros. Truck Stops, but then they renamed themselves as “Travel Centers”.

Sapp Bros. Illinois Opens in 1988- The Sapp Brothers have acquired a piece of land in the city of Peru, Illinois.

Sapp Bros. York Opens in 1988– In York, Nebraska, a new truck stop with fueling stations was erected.

Sapp Bros. Ogallala Opens in 1988-Two of Pro Oil’s gas stations in Ogallala, Nebraska, were purchased. Ogallala and Sidney are both in Nebraska.

Sapp Bros. SLC (Salt Lack City) Opens in 1994– It was constructed with a magnificent view of the mountains in a commercial area. Salt Lake City is home to many trucking companies, and this facility handles the most business in the entire chain.

Sapp Bros. Petroleum Merger With Poland Oil & Pro Oil in 1996– Poland Oil of Grand Island, Nebraska, and Pro Oil of Ogallala, Nebraska, participated in a significant merger that happened in January 1996.

Sapp Bros. Clearfield Opens in 1996–  Near the easternmost I-80 exit in Pennsylvania, Clearfield, Sapp Bros. bought an existing building. The building, which features a service center and a full-service restaurant, was promptly renovated by Sapp Bros.

Allen Oil was acquired in 1996– The acquisition of Allen Oil from Irvington, Nebraska marked the start of Petroleum’s growth. 

Sapp Bros. Lincoln Opens in 1998– The Lincoln location, which had previously been run as a Sapp Bros. Petroleum shop, is now under the management of Sapp Bros. Travel Centers.

Acquisition Of Bargmann Oil in 1999– For the purpose of enhancing service in the West Point, Nebraska region, Bargmann Oil was introduced in March 1999.

Sapp Bros. Junction City Opens in 1999– Sapp Bros. acquired a new unit that was nearly finished in its Junction City, Kansas, building on I-70.

SBT, Inc. was formed in 1999– To serve as the transportation division of Petroleum, Sapp Bros. Petroleum formed a new organization called SBT, Inc.

Sapp Bros. Nebraska City Opens in 2001– By connecting I-29 to I-80, a highway bypass provides a quicker route from I-29 to I-80, allowing drivers to avoid the congestion of the Omaha-Council Bluffs metropolitan area.

Acquisition Of Garold M.Smith Oil & LP Co in July 2004 – This allowed the company the chance to expand its business in the western Iowa market

Acquisition Of Jurgens Oil & Sapp Bros Columbus New Location 2005– The expansion of Sapp Bros. presence in Filley, Nebraska began with an acquisition in 2005 and continued with the construction of a new warehouse in 2012. In order to take advantage of the bypass that was built around the city of Columbus, the Columbus site was renovated and relocated.

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Acquisition Of Fairway Oil in August 2006– In order to expand their propane network and provide more gasoline and lubricants to the Blair, Nebraska area, Sapp Bros. Petroleum acquired Fairway Oil.

Acquisition Of Wards Propane in January 2007– Because of the addition of propane consumers, the area to the west of the already existing propane network was able to grow, and it created a base for extending Sapp Bros. Petroleum’s potential in the fuel and lubricants industries.

Acquisition in Lemars in 2011-This resulted in an additional expansion of Sapp Bros.’s reach in Northwest Iowa by providing the company with the ability to sell petroleum and to operate a filling station.

Bulk Def Install in 2013– Sapp Bros. has successfully finished the installation of Bulk DEF at the pump for all of the locations.

Sapp Bros. Council Bluffs Remodeled in 2014– This entire travel center at Sapp Bros. Council Bluff has been remodeled & new Sapp Bros. water tower has been constructed.

Sapp Bros. Harrisonville Opens in 2017

Adams Oil Acquisition in January 2018– Sapp Bros. Petroleum completed the acquisition of Adams Oil in order to strengthen its position in the Fremont, Nebraska area.

Acquisition Of PElGAS in 2021– In order to expand their propane business in southwest Iowa, Sapp Bros. has acquired PELGAS.

Burrito Bros Opens in 2022– In the town of York, Nebraska, Sapp Bros. Travel Centers initiated the opening of their first Burrito Bros. store, which is a proprietary fast food restaurant. Serving strong tastes and bigger burritos.

Rewards For Professional Drivers

Sapp Bros. offers a special guest rewards card for professional drivers, which allows them to earn points on purchases made at Apple Barrel restaurants, in addition to purchases made at the store, and at the shop.

Reviews from Actual Customers about Sapp Bros.

Feedback from Customers about Sapp Bros.
Feedback from Customers about Sapp Bros.
Real Customers Share Their Opinions of Sapp Bros.
Real Customers Share Their Opinions of Sapp Bros.
Sapp Bros. ratings and comments from customers
Sapp Bros. ratings and comments from customers