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                    JINDESHANG is a brand under DECENT Group, which is an industrial giant that integrates R&D, production and sales of gold jewelry into one, and the brand is generated from the strategic upgrading of "DECENT Gold", which was a traditional gold brand with over ten years of history. JINDESHANG has the brand vision of "Model of Promoting Gold Jewelry Culture", considers "Innovative Design and Exquisite Technique" as the core idea, relies on the group's massive production capacity and strong R&D strength, absorbs the essence of eastern and western cultures, created the seven original product series, namely XI'AI Gold, XIU'AI Gold, SHANGZUN Gold, KE'AI Gold, JINSHI Love, and Fashion Hard Gold, explored the full-category market layout of gold, diamond, and K Gold, relies on the group's full-industrial-chain platform of super-large 280-mu Cultural Creative Industry Park, five operation centers, two manufacturing bases and 27 factories as the base, has the idea of "Exquisite Technique and Innovative Design", and the vision of "Model of Promoting Gold Jewelry Culture", integrates trendy fashion, and creates your exclusive jewelry dream factory. 

                    While inheriting and promoting exquisite traditional artisan craftsmanship, JINDESHANG comprehensively excavates and promote gold jewelry culture; besides, it has made huge investment to build its own hardware facilities, adopted large quantity of internationally advanced high-tech products for manufacturing equipments and manufacturing techniques, no matter if it’s cast form of gold or polishing & sculpture of detail parts, it makes every effort to realize elegant and exquisite effect as well as precise performance, brings endless inspirations for the fashionable people who know how to appreciate and taste life, and interprets more truths about life and art; enables every piece of gold jewelry from JINDESHANG to be the concentration of precious materials and craft aesthetics, and to be collectible gold artwork.