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                     DECENT Gold Group dedicates to the R&D, design, production, manufacturing, wholesale, retail and other related operations of gold jewelry, it has the mission of “inheriting oriental classics and creating splendid era. It is a model for the dissemination of Chinese gold and jewelry culture.

                    We are a team full of ideals and passion, and filled with the go-aheadism spirit and vigorous vitality, DECENT Group highly regards the construction of talent team and the enhancement of professional quality of employees, dedicates to the creation of a team that “has virtue as the priority and upholds both virtue and talent”, we will work hard and progress to realize the group’s vision of “becoming the jewelry service operator in China with the strongest comprehensive strength. 

                    The development and expansion of DECENT Gold Group can’t do without the diligence and efforts of the people working in DECENT, we DECENT people will, as always, adhere to the core value of “Virtue as Jade and Honesty as Gold”, practice the “Double Virtue Culture” with DECENT’s characteristics, so as to jointly witness another leap-forward development of DECENT Group. 

                                                                                                          Chairman’s Signature: