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                A fashion hard gold brand orienting in young consumers
                Show My Love, a fashion hard gold brand orienting in young consumers!
                Focusing on the personalized characters of modern young women, Show My Love Show extends the endless imagination from what urban girls think about, act and love. It consists of four series, i.e. My Flora,My Dream,My Pet and My Joy, which mark youth with love, and reward life with high quality, making every day in the future is highly anticipated.
                My Pet Series
                Based on the Show My Love’s brand concept of Love yourself and enjoy life with beauty, the products of My Pet Series express the pursuit of good feelings, supporting fashionable women who love animals and cute pets to accompany and protect each other with such animals, enjoying life in love and being loved.
                My Flora Series
                With flowers as the theme, this series uses flowers in various postures, such as budding flowers, flowers with flying butterflies, and various blooming flowers, which imply unique charms presented by urban women in different environments at various stages of life, conveying their passion for life and the blessing to them.
                My Joy Series
                My Joy Series
                My Dream Series
                It is hard to retell those mysterious and illusory dreams sometimes, but they are precious gifts of life, give us many reminders to life and inspire us to live more beautifully. From now on, spoil yourself in another way, record every dream to add a little mystery to your life.
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