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                Time, is the most fascinating variable in all stories.

                Decent Group believes that only the immortal quality can carry the eternity of each story.

                It is more than 20 years of technology accumulation and adherence to the highest standards that ensure every style of jewelry shows up with the most ideal quality and appearance before entering your world and your story.

                In addition to retaining the craft process that cannot be replaced to the greatest extent, Decent Group introduced automatic production equipment and supporting advanced testing devices for the fine craft manufacture line, achieving automatic order arrangement and production, visualized production process and intelligent production scheduling. The 360° fine management system fully meets production demands, not only making jewelry manufacturing more three-dimensional and vivid, but also guaranteeing the ten-billion-level production capacity

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                Official Account of Decent Group

                福州長樂鶴上珠寶文化創意產Ψ 業園999號