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                University Introduction

                Talents are the first capital of DECENT, and the source of wisdom of DECENT’s century foundation.
                The vision of DECENT University:    “Becoming DECENT’s cradle commercial leaders and platform of commercial wisdom .” 

                The function positioning of DECENT University:     “Creation of talents and integration of wisdom.”

                The operation mechanism of DECENT University is:
                    “Organization contribution mechanism, including talent cultivation contribution mechanism, wisdom extraction contribution mechanism.”
                    The leaders on various levels are the primary principals of talent cultivation, wisdom extraction and process optimization of their respective fields, the higher level the leaders, the more likely that they focus on talent team cultivation, wisdom extraction and cultural inheritance. 

                Governance structure of DECENT University is

                “Talent development of DECENT is a top leadership project, the Board Chairman is the spiritual leader of DECENT, he shall personally serve as the President of DECENT University, the Chief Studying Officer/Chief Knowledge Officer (talent management expert/knowledge management expert) shall serve as the Executive President, the Vice Presidents of various operations shall serve as the deans, and the studying and development experts shall serve as the Executive Deans.

                “The governance organs of DECENT University shall include: University Committee and Talent Development Committee. The University Committee shall be responsible for approving the DECENT University’s top-level design, development plans, annual budgets, and talent programs. The Talent Development Committee shall be responsible for reviewing talent evaluation reports and making talent development decisions.”

                “DECENT University adopts the matrix organization operation mode, the resource platform and operation platform shall serve the various specialized schools, and the specialized schools shall adopt project system method to manage commercial leader and key talent team development programs.”