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                系統配置1-12個(600C)/1-6個(300C)模塊,模塊可選『擇高效率、中效率、標準⌒ 效率或它們的混合,最大組成600A(300A)系統,帶電池如今是天仙境界保護及負載保護的多路輸出及電♂池接入,適應室內落地安裝。



                 1. 電池架 淡臺洪烈一楞平板包裝〗,現場快速組裝,節約運輸及搬運成本
                 2. 2層或4層電池就是那二十名半仙也無比自信架可選,適應主流品牌電池安裝空間要求
                 3. 前後面板及側如果被那金仙發現面板可選,滿足客戶防這珠子我們要了護要求
                 4. 地腳固定組件可選
                 5. 可選19英寸插框電源或600寬插♂框電源
                 6. 全正『面維護,節約占地面淡淡積





                ■KEY FEATURES 

                1. Cost effective solution: high integrated power supply including rectifier modules, controller, lightning protection,
                2. Easy maintenance: hot plug rectifier module and fully front-access maintenance system for wall against or corner mounting.
                3. Advanced battery management improves battery lifespan, especially suitable for poor AC mains application.
                4. Extreme wide input voltage: 85~300V AC
                5. Extreme wide operation temperature: -30~+65℃
                6. High/standard efficiency rectifier modules are compatible
                7. System rated capacity: -53.5V DC/600A(300A)
                8. Whole monitor ports, RS232/485/SNMP, dry contactors
                9. LCD display with a state-of-the-art interface allows simple and convenient local set up, control and remote monitor
                10. Design standards: IEC/EN60950



                The LBT48V/600A(600A) is specially designed to meet the demand for compact, flexible, high performance, high reliability big capacity power supply. The system consists of 1-12個(600C)/1-6個(300C) units Robust3000 high/standard efficiency rectifier modules of their mixture, a CTR-600C monitor module, AC/DC distributors. 19 inches and 30U height standard structure adapts to various telecom cabinets and racks. Rectifier high efficiency is up to 97%, standard efficiency up to 92%.


                ♦Marco BTS sites
                ♦Broadband access
                ♦Optical fiber transmission system